The structure of the consultation

During the consultation, we will discuss the problem you have come to see us about in 30 minutes.

We will first review your problem based on what you have told us and your previous tests and findings.

I will then examine you and, if treatment is immediately available, we will start it. If you need further tests or medication, I will prescribe it for you.

If your problem requires physiotherapy, we can arrange that too.

You can ask any questions you may have during the consultation. The goal is for you to leave satisfied and be on the road to improvement or recovery.

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Read through the consultation process and then book an appointment for your examination. Be sure to take the suggested steps before your appointment.
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How to prepare for your consultation?

Look for your previous medical papers, final reports, x-rays, etc. related to your problem and bring them with you to your consultation.


Formulate your problem, collect your thoughts about your pain or complaint. The more detail you can give, the easier it will be for us to diagnose and treat your pain.


If it’s not easy for you to describe your problem, that’s OK, we can help you with that too. If you don’t have a specific complaint, for example you’re just having trouble exercising or you don’t know how to start your recovery, we’ll help you find the right questions to ask.


What results should you expect from the consultation?

Most of all, a solution to the problem you came to me with. It is important not to expect immediate results, it is rare that a problem is resolved immediately after the first consultation. Depending on the type of consultation and the problem, we will put together a training plan, a therapeutic plan, a check-up plan and a diagnostic plan for you to follow on your own or with help. The initial consultation may be followed by a follow-up visit if there is need to check back on improvements or do further tests to get an accurate result.

What will make a consultation effective?

It is important that you stick to the treatment suggested to you, e.g., diet, exercise program, if you need to rest an injury then you should stick to the rest period. Do the prescribed exercises, take the prescribed medication. If you do not see any improvement or if you are experiencing anything different from what we have discussed, contact us!

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