dr gogl sportegészségügyi központ, NSK egészségügyi központ

I am Dr Álmos Gógl, Chief Medical Officer of the Dr Gogl Sports Health Center.

The main goal of our Sports Health Center is the complete diagnosis and non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal problems. By musculoskeletal problems, we don’t just mean acute pain, but we also treat all the complex problems that arise from them.

Because our services are so widespread, our patients are of different ages and are looking for solutions to different problems. We treat musculoskeletal problems associated with ageing, joint pain caused by a long-term office job, as well as athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to maximise their performance or rehabilitate a sports injury.

As a senior doctor, I use my experience and knowledge to support the team I have assembled.

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Our Partners

Nemzeti Sportközpontok
TSO Medical Hungary
Győri ETO Hockey Club
Hungarian Water Polo Federation
Hungarian Karate Federation
Semmelweis Medical Services Ltd.
Semmelweis University
Széchenyi István University
Hungarian Swimming Federation
International Swimming League
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
Wako European Kickboxing Federation
REX-SAN Medical Devices

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