Injections used in non-surgical sports medicine

Our sports medicine center specializes in non-surgical sports medicine, but that doesn’t mean we don’t treat musculoskeletal pain.

The role of injection treatments

Most musculoskeletal pain can be effectively treated with so-called conservative therapy, which means that surgery can be avoided in some cases, or the time before surgery can be extended and quality of life improved. This is true for acute injuries, strains, sprains, chronic problems and wear and tear on joints. The timing of surgery, including the implantation of a prosthesis, can be extended by using appropriate non-surgical techniques.

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Joint Injection Treatments

injekciós kezelések
  • Collagen injection
  • Reviscon injection included
  • Reviscon plus injection included
  • Reviscon mono injection included
  • Hyalurom Tendon injection included
  • Cingal injection included
  • Steroid injection

Instability of the shoulder joint

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Golfer’s elbow

What can cause golfer’s elbow, what are the symptoms, how can it be diagnosed, and how do we treat it quickly and effectively at our center.
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