What are the signs of each shoulder injury type?

váll fájdalom diagnosztika

Signs and types of shoulder pain:

  • Mechanism of injury
  • Location of pain
  • Numbness of the arm
  • Type of sport/movement
  • Whether the injury is repetitive


In order to avoid repetitive injuries, we work with the TSO Medical team to carry out a risk analysis using the latest kinetic measurement tools (also used in Felcsút).

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váll fájdalom diagnosztika

We can facilitate the diagnosis of shoulder pain with the following tools:

  • Ultrasound, the results of which largely depends on the experience of the person carrying out the examination
  • CT scan
  • MRI gives a complex picture of the condition of the joint and the surrounding soft tissues.
  • X-ray, 5 different images for a complete picture, showing bony elements, fractures, dislocations, but not the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsule).


We can perform imaging such as MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray, CT in collaboration with Semmelweis Ltd. at the Medical Imaging Clinic as part of a private medical service.

Treatment and main directions if surgery is not required

  • Immediately after the injury
    • Sling (immobilization), long-term immobilization is not good, aim for rapid mobilization
    • Cooling
    • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen (over the counter)
  • Early rehabilitation
    • In most cases stretching, active and passive increase of range of motion is an effective therapy, this phase should always be started under the guidance of a physiotherapist and with a proper medical diagnosis.
  • Late rehabilitation
    • It should be started when full range of motion is achieved and at least 75% of muscle strength is restored. A series of movements guided by a physiotherapist is recommended.


The rehabilitation process is monitored by objective measurements, in collaboration with TSO Medical.

Rehabilitation is carried out using the equipment of the NSK Health Care Center and a team of physiotherapists and physiotherapeutic masseurs. The complex use of equipment and modern physiotherapy principles make the rehabilitation process fast and efficient.

The NSK Health Care Center is located in the Dagály Bath, which allows complex hydrotherapeutic treatments to be available and integrated into the rehabilitation process.

The services and prices of the NSK Health Care Center are available here.

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Rex-San wrist, elbow and other body part restraints are available in our center!

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