Consultation prices

First consultation (30 minutes) 20.000.-Ft,
Additional consultations (15 minutes) 12.000.-Ft
Consultation process

Performance diagnostics with consultation

VO2 max / Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold / Recovery / Determination of fitness status / Benchmark, comparison with European athletes / Medical test result interpretation

Performance diagnostics using vita maxima with gas exchange analysis

  • On bike 26.500.-Ft
  • On treadmill 26.500.-Ft
  • On bike, with ECG monitoring 35.000.-Ft
  • On bike, with lactate curve 45.000.-Ft
  • On bike, with ECG monitoring, with lactate curve 55.000.-Ft
  • Recording lactate curve during exercise, determination of lactate threshold. Examination of “acidification” during training 25.500.-Ft
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Metabolism and other diagnostics

Determination of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Determination of carbohydrate/fat/protein intake ratios, setting personal targets, determination of your daily BMR using spiroergometry

  • Metabolism diagnostics 25.000.-Ft
  • Resting spirometry 20.000.-Ft

Other diagnostics

  • Full musculoskeletal status assessment 20.000.-Ft
  • Resting ECG with evaluation 5.000.-Ft
  • Body composition analysis, skinfold measurement 10.000.-Ft
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For companies and Sports Clubs

We offer individual prices for all orders from companies or sports clubs. Prices are calculated individually based on the services requested, group size and other information.
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Joint Injection Treatment

injekciós kezelések
  • Collagen injection 6.000.-Ft
  • Reviscon injection included 12.000.-Ft
  • Reviscon plus injection included 20.000.-Ft
  • Reviscon mono injection included 34.000.-Ft
  • Hyalurom Tendon injection included 42.000.-Ft
  • Cingal injection included 60.000.-Ft
  • Steroid injection 6.000.-Ft
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Therapeutic Treatments

Private therapeutic treatments offered by NSK Health Center. Physiotherapy, Physical therapy, Balneotherapy, etc.
NSK Therapeutic Treatments

Examination using Spinal Mouse

Spinal mouse - megoldás gerincfájdalomra

Including medical test result interpretation and training plan 22.000.-Ft

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