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Other causes of shoulder joint pain

What are the symptoms of ACI and what other causes are there for shoulder joint pain? Find out more about the causes of pain and how to treat them effectively!

Rheumatologist or Sports Medicine Physician?

When to see a rheumatologist and when to see a sports doctor? A sports medicine physician is mainly concerned with musculoskeletal problems caused by exercise.

Instability of the shoulder joint

The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion among all joints. It makes everyday life very difficult if we experience pain in this area. What injuries to the shoulder...

Golfer’s elbow

What can cause golfer’s elbow, what are the symptoms, how can it be diagnosed, and how do we treat it quickly and effectively at our center.

Tennis Elbow

What can cause tennis elbow, how can it be diagnosed, and how do we treat tennis elbow pain at our center.

Injuries to the elbow

What can cause an elbow injury, what types of injuries can occur, and how to treat each one.

Rehabilitation of the Rotator Cuff

What can cause a rotator cuff injury, what are the symptoms, and how to treat it.