What does the Spinal Mouse do?

Spinal mouse - megoldás gerincfájdalomra
  • The IDIAG 360 Spinal Mouse is a biomechanical measurement tool for static and functional testing of the spine. The measurement is non-invasive and radiation-free, which means that there are no harmful effects or risks to the patient’s health.
  • The spinal mouse is an internationally accepted tool for testing the spine, it provides an image of the correctness of the posture and the mobility of the spine.
  • The spinal mouse is used to assess the mobility of the spine and the relationship between the segments of the spine.
  • It examines the spine from both the front and the side.
  • It also performs a test under load (Matthias test), which provides information about the stability of the supporting elements of the spine.

What is the examination for?

The result shows us the functional status of the spine, the deviations of the whole spinal column from normal, and see the individual deviations and slips between each vertebra.

Based on the results, we can use a software to set up the optimal exercises to help correct the defects and strengthen the muscles that protect and stabilize the spine. The exercises will be discussed during the consultation and will be given to the patient in writing together with the report.

With the help of a physiotherapist, it is possible to learn the exercises in a few sessions and, if required, a video recording can also be made so that the exercises can easily be done at home. Of course, it is also possible to have regular guided spinal exercises with the help of our physiotherapists.

When is a Spinal Mouse examination recommended?

spinal mouse
  • If you have back pain or lower back pain
  • prevention: it can be useful even in asymptomatic cases, as spinal pain is often the result of a long-standing postural problem, which can be prevented by a timely examination
  • it is particularly important before starting or resuming regular sport, when hidden defects may manifest themselves and cause pain and symptoms
  • to get a diagnosis and determine treatment
  • to monitor the effectiveness of a treatment. The advantage is that it can be repeated an unlimited number of times.
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